Get more traffic to your site by bribing people with your best content

2x your website traffic

What you need is something that consistently generates new traffic for you without you having to constantly put energy into it. 


What you need is an army of people that tells other people about your website, all day, every day. 

You need SmartBribe!

"How do I get more traffic to my website?"

My traffic plateaued at the beginning of 2017.

I tried everything I could think of over the last 6 months to fix it.


Guest posting.

Facebook ads.

Writing blog posts.

Social media.

But literally nothing worked.


Then I saw my friend Noah doing something genius. Instead of going out and finding new people to come to his site, he bribed his existing visitors to send their friends.


So I tried the same thing.


I went to our home page at Videofruit, where I have an opt-in for a free email course. And on the thank-you page, I installed a SmartBribe that asked people to share on Twitter the fact that they were taking the course (see it in action).


Results? 54% of the people who opted in shared it with their friends. This resulted in 3,498 new visitors and 349 new email subscribers.

This was REALLY interesting.

But oddly enough, it really frustrated me.

Getting more traffic shouldn't be complicated. You should be able to make an awesome product and not constantly worry about getting new people to know it exists.

100 new email subscribers from SmartBribe

Case Study

3 quick ways get more traffic to your website

After installing the SmartBribe on our homepage, my wheels started spinning.

So I tried something else.


I went to one of my most popular blog posts. At the bottom of the post, I bribed the people reading the post to share it with a friend (see it in action). 


#1: Read the post > Bribe a friend > Get a free cool thing


Results? 235 shares and 2,890 new visitors to the site per month.

Then I experimented more.

#2: Email the list with a lead magnet > Bribe them to share for access


Result? 850 shares and 6,800 new visitors

Webinar Registration Page




Maybe it was just something about my site made it work? I talked with my buddy Grant and asked him to try it out. 

So he installed it into a webinar funnel he ran through Facebook ads.

#3: Run FB ad > Webinar registration > Bribe them to share the ad 


Result? 550 shares and lowered ad costs (CPL) by 25%

Blog Post

We started using SmartBribe on all our partner webinar registration pages, in our weekly newsletters, our top blog posts, homepage and even in our sales funnels.

Everywhere I tried it, it brought moe and more traffic to the site.

(Here are a few LIVE examples from SmartBribe users: Brennan Dunn, Time2Read and Pat Flynn.) 

Our site-wide traffic went up by 22% in the first 30 days and has consistently grown since. 

Why? I didn’t know at first. But then the more I thought about it, the more it started to make sense.


People trust people they know. 


[SmartBribe User Data]

"8 out of 10 SmartBribe users see a 10% increase in website traffic within the first 7 days of installation."

Ever tried on a pair of stretchy jeans?


Two months ago I ordered a pair. And dude, let me tell: life-changing moment! 


I was so blown away by how much more comfortable they were than any jeans I’d worn before that I started telling my friends about them. Somewhere in my newfound fandom, I posted on Facebook about my love affair. 


Some people made fun of me. Haters.


The smart ones, though - they went out and bought a pair.

1 thing to consistently grow your traffic each month

My takeaway: Stretchy jeans are the bomb.

Your takeaway: When you recommend things, people listen. Even the people you don’t think are listening - they listen too. And every now and then 60+ year old Michael Hyatt will order stretchy jeans from American Eagle because you said to in a Facebook post.


What a time to be alive! 

The problem with typical word of mouth is that people are lazy and tell only 2 or 3 friends. This means that the word-of-mouth influence wave dies pretty quickly.  SmartBribe gets people to tell everyone they know instead.

In the three examples above we simply captured the magic of a word-of-mouth recommendation by incentivizing people to tell everyone they knew.

Which brings me to this...

400 new email subscribers in 48 hours from SmartBribe

Case Study

What would 18,540 more visitors to your website mean for you?

Introducing SmartBribe

Since installing a few basic bribes on our site and in a handful of email campaigns, our website traffic has shot up by 22%. We now get 18,540 more visitors per month than we did before.

What would it mean for you to get 18,000+ new visitors next month?

At Videofruit, we average $5.50 of revenue per visitor within the first year (Find out your number here.)

Based on that, 18,540 new visitors means $101,475 per year for our business.


That’s why we made SmartBribe: to make it easy for us to get more traffic to our site by bribing people to tell their friends about it. 


After a year of testing and refining, we're now launching SmartBribe Pro!

Most people think that to 2x their website traffic they have to constantly try new marketing strategies and work like crazy to stay ahead of the curve. That's just not true.

What we've discovered with SmartBribe is this - all you need to drive millions of visitors to your site is to get people to tell their friends about you. Good old word of mouth.

SmartBribe is word of mouth on steroids.

Want to see SmartBribe in action?


Feature Highlights...

My goal is to make sure you get off to a blazing start and that you see a 10% increase in your website traffic within the first 7 days of installing SmartBribe. That’s why, as soon as you become a SmartBribe user, we will send you this recording so you can get started.

Roadmap out your traffic plan

Identify the key places on your site you can focus on to generate more traffic

Work with you personally to get SmartBribe set up and installed 

Group Implementation Recording

After you get your SmartBribe license, we’ll send you a recording of a Group Implementation Call that will help you:

What do you want your visitors to actually do? Post on LinkedIn, Retweet on Twitter, Share on Facebook, Post on LinkedIn, share an email via a friend or any number of other things? You can pick from 16 different CTAs inside of SmartBribe.

16 CTA's to choose from

Beautifully Designed and Optimized Share Pages

The core of your SmartBribe is the share page. This is the page people see that encourages them to tell their friends about you. We've meticulously tested dozens of  layouts and designs and have found 2 that work better than any others. 

Unlimited Domains: Use SmartBribe Pro on as many websites as you need

Do you run multiple websites? Your one SmartBribe license covers all the sites you own or clients that you have. Just install your SmartBribe code and be up and going in no time. Holler at if you have any specific questions on this.  

Real-Time Dashboard with Key Metrics

All of your SmartBribes are tracked minute-by-minute in your primary dashboard. You can instantly know how many people are seeing and taking action on your bribes.

Weekly proactive updates on how your SmartBribes are performing 

Each week, we’ll email you a digest on how much action each of your SmartBribes are getting. The digest will contain a detailed breakdown of each bribe’s conversion rate and tips on tweaking them for more traffic. 

All 25 CTAs to come in the next 30 days

Over the next 30-days we'll be building a long list of alternate CTA types (this is the action you are bribing you visitors to take). You'll have access to all of these CTAs and direct input into new creative ways we can improve SmartBribe! 

Monthly Plans Now Available!

SmartBribe Pro launched as an annual subscription earlier this year. But for a limited time you will be able to register for a monthly plan. Don't miss out on this! 

SmartBribe Pro

Join the Founders Club and get all the exclusive access and rewards below...

Remove all SmartBribe branding 

5 SmartBribes Pages


Unlimited SmartBribes Pages

Unlimited traffic and leads 

1 optimized Share Page templates

Unlimited traffic and leads 

Works with all major website platforms

Limited SIte License (1 site only)


Ready to get started?


5 Share Actions 

(including Facebook, Twitter and Email)

2 optimized Share Page templates

Works with all major website platforms

Group Implementation Replay

3 Share Actions 

(Facebook, Twitter and Email)

Group Implementation Replay

Remove all SmartBribe branding 

SmartBribe Lite

Unlimited Sites License 


100% Money-Back Guarantee

My promise to you is that SmartBribe will increase your traffic by 10% in the first 7 days. If it doesn't, we don't deserve your money. In fact, if you don’t get that result, we’ll give you your first month for free. Just send an email to and we’ll take care of you ASAP. No hassles. 

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Ready to 2x your traffic?

Question #6: Can I see a video of it in action?

Question #1: I struggle in seeing creative ways to use it other than "plopping it on my thank you page" and hoping it works. What are some other ways I can promote it or use Smart Bribe in ways I'm not thinking. 

Question #8: What if my target audience is super niche? Wouldn’t the shares that SmartBribe generated be less valuable?

Great question. I’ve listed several above. But this is what we’ll do…


When you become a SmartBribe Pro user we’ll immediately schedule your Personal Implementation Service call.


Thing #1: Outline your #1 traffic goal. 

Thing #2: Map out your path to hit that goal. 

Thing #3: Identify the top 3 places you can use SmartBribe to achieve that goal. 

Thing #4: We’ll work alongside you to set up and install each bribe on your site. 


Also, in the new app, we’ll have the top 10 user cases and locations mapped out, so getting started before your call is super fast. 

Still have questions? Send us a message. 

Question #2: How do you verify if I am getting more traffic?

Question #9:  What future sites will you be creating SmartBribe CTA's for? Linkedin? Instagram?

In this first release of SmartBribe Pro, we’ll count the top-level action metric. 


This means that if you set up a call to action for your visitors to share on Facebook, we’ll count that share as an action. We’ll then report to you the number of times the Facebook post is shared. 


This isn’t a direct report of your increase in traffic; that would require a more in-depth integration with your analytics service (like Google Analytics), which we absolutely plan on doing in a future update. 


For now we’ll report to you the top-line metric which directly correlates to increased traffic.



You’ll just copy and paste a snippet of code on your site. Takes 15 seconds and no technical ability. 

Question #3: What is the difference in SmartBribe Pro and the older free version of SmartBribe.

1. The old, free version did not have verified calls to action 


2. The old, free version did not have multiple design templates to choose from. Now you’ll have nice, new templates to choose from, with new ones added every month. 


3. The old, free version only had two calls to action: “Share on Twitter” and “Forward email to a friend.” SmartBribe Pro will have dozens of calls to action, including: “Share a specific post on Facebook,” “Like my Facebook page,” “Retweet my tweet,” “Follow me on Instagram,” and more. 


4. The old, free version had a mandatory “Powered by SmartBribe” link at the bottom. The SmartBribe Pro will not have that branded link. 


5. The old, free version had a super-confusing admin back end that made it fairly hard to use. SmartBribe Pro’s front end is completely retooled and easy to use. 

6. The old, free version had no analytics whatsoever. You had no ability to know what was actually happening and your users were interacting with your bribe. SmartBribe Pro will have real-time analytics and weekly email reporting, so you always know what actions are being taken on each bribe; how much traffic you are getting from each bribe; and how much that traffic is worth to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #4: How does the refund policy work?

My goal is for you to get a 10% increase in traffic in the first 7 days of using SmartBribe.


If you don’t see a 10% increase in your traffic in the first 7 days, you get your first month for free.


How do we help you do that?


A few things…


First, the app is awesome and it works. 


Second, as soon as you get SmartBribe Pro, we’ll set up a call with you to get you using SmartBribe super quickly. (We can also chat via email if you prefer.) We’ll do four things on that call: 


Thing #1: Outline your #1 traffic goal. 

Thing #2: Map out your path to hit that goal. 

Thing #3: Identify the top 3 places you can use SmartBribe to achieve that goal. 

Thing #4: We’ll work alongside you to set up and install each bribe on your site. 


People who work with us to get set up have a success rate of 80% in increasing their traffic by 10% in Week #1. 

Question #7: Will this work on SquareSpace (or any other website builder)?

Question #5: Is there trial? 



Here’s how it works in real life. Let’s say you’re a local doctor with your own office. You incentivize your patients to share your website on social media in exchange for a small discount on their next visit. Are most of the people in your patients’ social circles potential patients for you? No. Most of them live in other cities or states. However, even though not everyone (or even not the majority) of people who see that share on social media are not potential patients for you, your existing patients know a much higher concentration of your target market than nearly anyone else. 


And the fun part is this: The more niche you are, usually the higher value each customer you win is. 


In a B2B business (typically much more niche), an average customer can be worth thousands over their lifetime. 

So will a B2C business generate MORE leads from a sharing campaign? Sometimes. But the value generated from just one lead in a B2B campaign can be worth the equivalent of 100s of leads in a B2C campaign. 

 We’ve done trials in the past. Honestly, we weren’t great at handling the influx of tire-kickers that comes with trials. But, to make up for that, we offer a baller guarantee. If you don’t get a 10% increase in the first 7 days, then your first month is free. And we personally help you set up everything. (see the Personal Implementation Service.)


Most of all, we just really want to help. 

First off, lets define a "SmartBribe CTA". These are the specific actions that you are asking your visitors to do. Like sharing a post on Facebook, liking your page etc.

These are the CTA's we're working on now and planning to add in the coming weeks...

Ready to 2x your traffic?

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